Eder Sánchez is a Spanish architect and visual artist of 26 years old. He worked as an architect in India for two years where he discovered his interest in the spiritual form which marked his way of perceiving art. It was at this time, when collecting everything he learned over the years, he started his career as a visual artist, leaving his profession as an architect. However, his architectural past would take him to investigate and work with geometry as a means of expression. 

  He states that art is a balance between beauty and spirit. Among the non-visible and visible; physical and mental part, Eder Sanchez continues to mature in the harmony of both parties, seeking the intangible part of the art by means of physical beauty. 

  By the end of 2015, he began to develop his work, using his obsessive taste for the spiritual form. An obsession manifested through geometry. He investigates various dialogues established between geometric figures. Subsequently, they are digitally edited to create images of conceptual character. The simplicity and composition allow to stop time and quiet the mind. 

  Eder Sanchez seems to invite us through his work to reflect on the thoughts and memories of life, to seek new ways of meditation.



2017     NordART art fair 2017. Büdelsdorf, Germany.

2017     EAC 2017.  Museum of the University of Alicante, Spain.

2017     Utopia/Dystopia. Fellini Gallery. Berlin, Germany.

2016     Art fair FIG. Bilbao, Spain.

2016     Show your world. Gallery MC. New York, USA.

2016     Artbox project. Artbox Gallery. Miami, USA.

2016     Ederarte. Art Gallery. Vitoria, Spain. 

2016     Coacan. Espacio Ricardo Lorenzo. Santander, Spain.  

2016     Open Portfolio. FIG Bilbao. Bilbao, Spain. 

2016     Contrast. PH21 Gallery. Budapest, Hungary.




2017     Honorable Mention. Monochrome Awards. Conceptual Category.

2017     Honorable Mention. ND awards. Fine Art: Conceptual Category.

2017     Nominee. Fine Art Photography Awards. Conceptual category. London, UK.

2017     Honorable Mention. International photographer of the year. Fine Art: Conceptual Category.

2016     Conceptual Discovery of the Year. Monochrome Awards. 

2016     1st Prize. Monochrome Awards. Conceptual category. 

2016     Tokyo International Foto Awards. Honorable Mention. Portfolio: Fine Art Category.

2016     Tokyo International Foto Awards. Honorable Mention. Fine Art: Still Life Category.

2016     Honorable Mention. ND awards. Fine Art: Other Category.

2016     Honorable Mention. ND awards. Fine Art: Conceptual Category.

2016     Nominee. Photogrvphy Grant. Fine Art category. London, UK.

2016     Country Pick Spain. International Photography Awards. 

2016     2nd Prize. International Photography Awards. Fine Art Still Life category.

2016     Honorable Mention. Prix De La Photographie Paris. Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced category.

2016     1st Prize. Fine Art Photography Awards. Conceptual category. London, UK.




2017     Monochrome Awards Annual Book 2016

2017     ArtMaze Magazine. London, UK.

2017     Interview. The Lighting Mind. Spain.

2016     Flamantes 5. Emerging artist book. Hagocosas. Spain.

2016     Spotlight on Spain Collection. Saatchi art.

2016     New Photography Collection. Saatchi art.

2016     Catalogue FIG Bilbao 2016. Bilbao, Spain.